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Air Filter DEPUROX is a company dedicated to the manufacture of filtration of both the agricultural and industrial area we have the responsibility of creating OM order for companies of the automotive and industrial area with the highest quality margins.
We can offer the best in air filtration from heavy transport and industrial machinery to car park and motorcycles
We use high quality materials and manufacture with high control standards.

Among the materials most used in air filters are the papers and the most common in our air filters are .. AHLSTROM AB2554PAD and AHLSTROM AB3055PAD as well. We also have testing labs for verification of the specifications of these materials.
In the air filters HEAVY DUTY we are using new technologies for the closing of the outer mesh and for the injection of polyurethane we have new antifoam nozzles that allows greater solids of the polyurethane after drying to give it a more stable appearance and that the structure of the Filter is the same under any working condition.

Depurox filtration offers a new range of filters for heavy duty with special closures in its inner and outer mesh to provide a seal without risks of opening and with a unique aesthetic.

Air filters trap solid particles such as mineral dust, soot and organic pieces floating in the air, which is sucked in by the engine. The progress in filter constructing and application of modern filtration materials brings the level of contaminants filtration to the level of 99,9% for particles of even few micrometers size. Whereas the I.C engines use a great amount of air during combustion process (average amount of 10m³ of air per 1 litre of fuel), filters with high filtering efficiency must also have low flow resistance and high contaminants absorptivity. Due to such properties, it is possible to extend the period between filter replacements. Modern air filters used in the automotive industry are designed and constructed in versatile shapes and sizes and made of different, optimally selected materials. All filters consist of undismountable casings and replaceable cartridge.




For optimum performance, combustion engines require the entry of clean air. If contaminants in the air, such as soot or dust, enter the combustion chamber, they can cause holes in the cylinder heads, causing premature wear of the engine. The function of the electronic components between the suction and the combustion chamber can be significantly reduced.

DEPUROX air filters are the end of the road for all dirt particles. It does not matter if it is dust, pollen, sand, soot and even drops of water.

Thanks to the high degree of dirt separation and high mechanical stability, DEPUROX filters retain even the smallest particles in the air. This allows optimum composition of the fuel-air ratio and ensures optimum engine performance.

In order to ensure performance, air filters should be periodically checked; A blocked filter will prevent the air supply to the engine. Consequently it is possible that the fuel can not be fully utilized or that it can be disposed of without being used. This is another hallmark of DEPUROX air filters: High dust holding capacity ensures complete reliability throughout the service interval.


In traditional air filters for trucks and heavy duty machines the rigidity and resistance to mechanical damage was important. This is the reason of the massiveness of these filters. Filters have solid metal bottoms, strenghtening cores and outer casings made of net or perforated metal sheet. Cartridge sealing is provided by the rubber washers glued to the bottom. The filter medium placed inside such a solid construction is perfectly protected from deformation and mechanical damage. Such solution provides failure free exploitation. Nevertheless in the times of natural environment protection awareness, new cars are rarely equipped with these filters since their disposal is troublesome.

Modern air filters for trucks have optimized construction, which takes into account the requirements of the environmental protection standards. The load analysis of its particular elements and the selection of new materials has made the filters appearance and technological approach totally different. Polyurethane seals have replaced the metal end caps. Rubber washers are no longer applied since seals are placed in the casing. Instead of cores and casings made of perforated metal sheets, plastic reinforcement is widely used. The priority, in designing filters for trucks, is eliminating metal parts and replacing them with plastic elements, which make filter utilisation process easier.

Air filter casings in trucks are usually placed outside the engine compartments due to its large volume. Sometimes there are two filtering cartridges. In this case the inner cartridge works as a safety device stopping contaminants from flowing into the engine during cartridge replacement or protecting from mechanical damage of main cartridge medium surface during exploitation. Due to the large size of air filter casings for trucks, they are made of steel (traditional constructions) or reinforced plastic. Placing the air inlet tangent to the outer diameter makes the casing become the filter itself using the centrifugal force resulting from the air rotational motion around the filtering cartridge.

In modern vehicles, more space is required for electronics, new technical components and safety technology. Air filters must adapt to this development and in doing so meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry regarding separation efficiency, flame protection and service interval.

DEPUROX FILTRATION is responding to this development with innovative air filtration systems that perfectly fit the shape and function of the widest range of mounting types. After all, an air filter does not necessarily have to be rectangular. Our engineers develop completely individual and alternative designs to allow installation in particular conditions. Trapezoidal air filters or oval conical filters are two examples of the optimal utilization of the available installation space. Another example is the DEPUROX air filter with stepped surface. The stepped arrangement considerably increases the surface of the filter and improves its capacity.

Another product innovation is the “FIVE SERIES” technology developed by DEPUROX: which ensures uniform distances between the folds and protects the filter from deforming during installation or operation.

In order to cope with all applications, DEPUROX air filters are available in hundreds of different designs and sizes.





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